Thursday, October 24, 2019

Launch: Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the very first issue of the e-magazine by the Sherlock Holmes Society of India, Proceedings of the Pondicherry Lodge:
Remember, this e-magazine is free for distribution, so go ahead, don't be shy, spread the word!
And don't forget to:
  1.  Send in your entries for the contests (you can win goodies, yay!)
  2.  Vote for the Annual Meet venue
  3.  Let us know what you think of the publication
We hope you will enjoy reading the e-magazine as much as we enjoyed creating it!
And of course - many, many thanks to every single person who contributed to the making of this e-magazine - the authors, the artists, the advisors, the editors...and above all, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
The game is afoot.

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