Thursday, October 24, 2019

Contest Submissions

Dear All:

A few basic pointers for the contest submissions:
  1. Please mention in the subject line of your email which contest you're submitting your entry for.
  2. Your submission should have a nexus with the contest prompt/topic. For example, a treatise on one hundred and forty three types of tobacco ash does not count as an entry for a story-writing contest. We'll publish your treatise gladly, but it won't count as a contest entry.
  3. Ditto for art-work. For the contest, a nexus is required. (There's a reason we give a topic, yes?) We'd love to publish any art you've made for Sherlock, but it counts as a contest-entry only if it is in tandem with the prescribed topic.
  4. Entries for the Five Orange Pips Contest must have all five pips - i.e., you have to submit your solution to all five puzzles. Giving us the solution to one or two puzzles out of five does not count as a solution, even if you're right. You're a "Pucca Holmesian" only if you solve all five correctly.
Yes, we do have actual goodies that will be couriered to the winners. I've placed the order, and will put up pictures once they're ready...unless you'd rather be surprised. Bespoke SHSI goodies - small, but well, a prize is a prize, yes?

Looking forward to many, many submissions.

Do feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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